Monday, 23 December 2013

Armaan Kohli said Goodbye to Bigg Boss Season 7

bigg boss season 7 - Armaan KohliAs the show’s grand finale is approaching, the most controversial personality of Bigg boss season 7- Armaan Kohli has been eliminated. He is the person who is the reason of many conflicts in the house. Though he is a short tempered man but on the other side, he also proved himself as a caring friend for some of his housemates. He always put his friends before everything and gave them great importance. Armaan’s wrath was aroused when Andy passed a comment on his personality that can make a bad image of him in someone’s mind. This was the start of Armaan’s controversies in Bigg Boss house and he faced a lot of criticism for every other incident but through his tough time, Tanisha has supported him a lot and stood by him through thick and thin. She was with him in his difficult time and consoled him. She seemed upset at Armaan’s elimination and wants him to stay till grand finale. Though Armaan had good terms with Kamya and Pratyusha but Tanisha was exceptional for him.

At the time of exit, Armaan seemed sentimental and gave an emotional speech. He said Bigg Boss season 7 a roller coster for him through which he has seen high’s and low’s and also recognize himself and his surroundings truly. He also thanked to Bigg boss for giving him lesson about anger, patience and management. He said that he gained a lot control of himself through this show. He doesn’t want to leave the house at this point when grand finale was just seven days far. He apologized and said that he is stepping out with a clean heart. Armaan was confident that he will not be evicted from the house on Saturday but his short temper and aggressive attitude lead him to elimination.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Time for Big Boss Season 7

The Indian reality show Big boss is back with bang with its new season. The legendary Slaman Khan is hosting this show for the consecutive 4th time and entertaining the guest of the house and the audience with his great sense of humor. The theme of this season is very interesting and unique among all its previous seasons. The tagline of the big boss season 7 i.e “Jannat Ka Wow Aur Jahannam Ka Aaw Dekhege Saath Saat”' is very much unique because it arouses the curiosity that how would the guest celebrities will survive under the bad circumstances of “Jahannam”. The show will definitely reveal the level of patience of the real world celebrities who are enjoying a luxurious life as the concept of jahannam compels them to live in a pathetic condition. Let’s see how these guests will survive in this show leaving their lavish cars and homes for a couple of days.

The house: The house of big boss is divided into two parts i.e heaven and the hell in season 7. Tanisha and Andy (probably hilarious guest for every viewer) decides that which housemates shall go to heaven and which to hell. The housemates who have been thrown to miserable hell will be sent to heaven after passing a tough time there. You have to watch this reality if you want to know that how the celebrities cope up with this situation. It will be interesting for sure.

Hell: No kitchen, no food, dirty atmosphere without bedrooms- this is the hell where the contestants have to survive for big boss episodes. The thing that seems very much tough for the contestants living in hell was the absence of water in washrooms. Ahh! The poor people! They need to fill water manually which is a big deal for them indeed. You have to watch this season if you want to know how to survive in such pathetic condition.

Heaven: The heaven of the big boss house is well furnished. The comfortable beds, the pool and the beach like feel make the contestants feel like they are in real heaven Conflicts apart, every contestant is very satisfied with this theme and for the first time in the history of big boss, there is also a clock on the wall of the living area. All the tasks that have been assigned to the contestants are really interesting so keep watching for amusement.